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Who said politicians are elected to serve the people of the country? They are in fact there for money! Looking around and counting ourselves we will have almost more than 60% of the richest people of the world in the field of politics. Political talents are more than enough to make them do it. No matter if they do anything for the country or not but they surely do something for themselves. So out of that 60% of crowd we have come up with the top ten richest politicians of the world in 2013 who have till now secured their descendants a good amount of money to live a prosperous life!

10. Silvio Berlusconi

All the rich people do not have their money coming from the right way, so the tenth on our list, who is a sentenced cheat and the tenth richest person in the world is Silvio Berlusconi. Silvio is an Italian politician, media person and an entrepreneur. He started off with his business career first in 1960’s when he built a 4000 residential apartments east of Milan. Later in 1973 he started his own small cable television company and it was not until 1994 when he started his career in politics. With the net worth of 7.8 billion Dollars he is the tenth richest politician of the world.

9. Serge Dassault


Net worth 9.3 billion Dollars of Serge Dassault has made him ninth richest politician on the list. Serge is a French entrepreneur and a conventional politician. While being active in the political sphere Serge’s group owns the Grope Le Figaro.

8. Savitri Jindal

Savitri Jindal-Top 10 Richest Politicians of 2013

Savitri Jindal is the non-executive chairperson of O.P. Jindal Group and a member of the legislative Assembly of India, Haryana Vidhan Sabha. With the net worth 10.9 billion Dollars, she is also known as the richest woman of India.

7. Zong Qinghou

Zong Qinghou-Top 10 Richest Politicians of 2013

The chairman and CEO of the Hangzhou Wahaha Group, Zong Qinghou is also a Chinese entrepreneur. He is known as the richest man in China with the net worth 11.6 billion Dollars. The inborn of Zhejiang, Zong did not have too much formal education and after finishing his secondary school he only found a basic work in school. It was not until 1987 that he started off his own work of fizzy drinks, ice and stationery in a school from where his struggle for the Wahaha named business began and took it to the level of being the largest beverage company in China. Zong is the delegate of the Chinese National People’s Congress.

6. Vladimir Putin

Vladimir Putin-Top 10 Richest Politicians of 2013

The Russian Politician, Vladimir Putin has been appointed as the President of Russia on 7th May 2012. He started off his career as a politician in 1999 and since then he presented many Domestic, Economic, Industrial, and Energetic, Arctic, Environmental and Religious policies. He is known to have invested 40 billion Dollars and the savings he have are around $180,000 which makes him the sixth richest politician of the world in 2013.

5. Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan

Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan-Top 10 Richest Politicians of 2013

The ruler of the Abu Dhabi and the President of the United Arab Emirates, Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan stands as the fifth on our list with the total net worth of 18 billion Dollars. After his father’s death he took over to the presidency and rule of the United Arab Emirates in the year 2004.

4. Sonia Gandhi

Sonia Gandhi

Widow of the former Prime Minister of India, Sonia Gandhi is an Italy born Indian. She became the President of the Indian National Congress Party in 1998. Although she was forced to join the party right after the assassination of her husband in 1991 but it was not until 1997 that she agreed to join in and then she was elected as the President of the Party. With the net worth 2-19 billion Dollars she is the fourth politician who is the richest on the list.

3. Michael Bloomberg

Michael Bloomberg

Philanthropist, Politician and a business man of America, Michael Bloomberg is on the number three. He graduated from the Harvard University and is the owner of the Bloomberg LP, informational and news Channel Company. He has a net worth 18.1 billion Dollars.

2. Hassanal Bolkiah

Hassanal Bolkiah

Hassanal Bolkiah with net worth 20 billion Dollars is the second richest politician. He is the 29th Sultan of Brunei and the first ever Prime Minister since a long period from 1968. From foreign affairs to different policy implications the Sultan have managed his reign time to be a well-known one.

1. Abdullah Bin Abdul Aziz

Mideast Saudi Arabia GCC Summit

So the King leads the list! Abdullah Bin Abdul Aziz is the owner of the 20% oil reserves that his  country contain, which are supposed to be the basic requirement for everything and anything in the upcoming years. After the death of his half-brother King Fahd, he took over the throne in 2005. Being the King he also put up some important welfare programs and set up universities for the betterment of the Country, he has a total net worth of 21 billion Dollars.