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Abdullah Qureshi really doesn't need any introduction. With his voluminous hair, heartwarming smile and a voice that can make the audience go GaGa, he is ready to take all that comes his way.One of the emerging talent in Pakistan, Abdullah Qureshi is a self-taught singer/musician, gained an immense praise for the videos he uploaded of the songs he covered on YouTube.He recently released his first original song “Tere Liye”which mesmerized the audience and gained immense popularity.

the voice of R: What kind of person do you define yourself as?
Abdullah Qureshi: Reserved.

the voice of R: What inspired you to choose this platform?
Abdullah Qureshi: All the Pakistani bands of the 90s.

the voice of R: How would you define music?
Abdullah Qureshi: Anything that sounds pleasing to your ears
the voice of R: Your best experience at concert yet? (The crowd you adored.)
Abdullah Qureshi: Beaconhouse Rawalpindi and KGMC Peshawar. The crowd was crazy and extremely interactive.
the voice of R: What role do you think the youth of Pakistan can play in the advancement and in bringing a positive change?
Abdullah Qureshi: Right now, Pakistan needs only one favour from the youth.


So please don't stay home and sleep.

the voice of R: Do you think the upcoming elections will be as corruption free as promised by the election commission?
Abdullah Qureshi: I hope so. Because the care taker government looks pretty good right now, specially with people like Sir Najam Sethi in the business.

the voice of R: What would you choose for Pakistan- dictatorship or democracy?
Abdullah Qureshi: I haven't seen a bad dictatorship in my life yet. Musharraf's time was good so I can't say anything. But next up is democracy for sure, and it's going to be good insha'Allah!

the voice of R: Where do you see Pakistan in the next 3-5 years?
Abdullah Qureshi: Nowhere. It'll take a good 10-15 years to get us somewhere.

the voice of R: Do you think our music industry has the potential to recognize new talent and provide them with a suitable platform?
Abdullah Qureshi: It has the potential, but they're just doing it the wrong way.

the voice of R: Who do you think can change the future of Pakistan? A political party or someone else and why?
Abdullah Qureshi: All of us have a very crucial part to play in shaping the future of Pakistan on an individual basis. Not 'one' of us but 'every-one' of us has to participate and stand up for as well as protect our country and constantly work for a better tomorrow.

the voice of R: Does your music describe your inner self in any way?
Abdullah Qureshi: It always does. 

the voice of R: Who is your ideal?
Abdullah Qureshi: My Dad. 

the voice of R: Did you encounter failure on your journey?
Abdullah Qureshi: It's still just the beginning of my journey.

the voice of R: How do you think the dream of "corruption free Pakistan" can be achieved?
Abdullah Qureshi: Corruption free Awaam = Corruption free Pakistan

the voice of R: Your message to all those artistes' who are struggling, yet they haven't been able to make significant progress?
Abdullah Qureshi: Be passionate and stay consistent.

the voice of R: Your views about the voice of R ?
Abdullah Qureshi: I think The Voice of R is doing an amazing job for all the new comers as publicity is an essential part to play in the music industry.

Contact : 

For gigs, contact:
Ussayd Khan (+92-344-5501635)